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“I had to make a last minute move from New York to Dallas after there was a sudden death in my family. I barely had any time to prepare myself for the move. Finding a company to move my furniture was extremely stressful. I spoke to about a dozen companies that I knew were reputable, but none of them had any space for a last minute move. I needed to move in 5 days and time was running out. Luckily, one of the companies that had no space for my move recommended that I call Federal Relocation. He said that they specialize in this kind of move and if anyone would be able to help me it would be them. He was absolutely right! This company did more than just move my stuff, they took a huge burden off of me and my family in a time of crisis. The movers showed up in just 4 days’ notice, packed up all of my belongings, loaded them onto their truck, and had them delivered all within a week. I will never ever consider using any other company for any future moves and I urge anyone that needs to move to stop looking and call this company ASAP, they are a Godsend! Thank you Federal Relocation!”